Tecnologie Protettivi , a solar shading company located in Rovigo, is specialized in the insulation of the roller shutter box .

Insulating bins means increasing the energy savings of your home. The insulation of the box saves a lot of internal heat that would otherwise be lost through this element.

In truth, however, it is an intervention that few realize because the placement of the box at a height close to 2 m from the ground makes the drafts of air and the low surface temperature (or cold) that this element brings home in winter not very evident .

To solve this problem, a unique method of protective technologies has been studied which, in addition to reducing heat flows, also eliminates many of the air leaks that occur on the perimeter through the slit in the belt guide.

The economic advantage that derives from this depends on many factors, first of which the cost of insulating the dumpster requested by the craftsman performing the work, the climatic zone (day degrees)

On the website www.risparmiometro.com a specific program allows all the variables to intersect to demonstrate, case by case, what the real economic advantage is for the user. Below we report the real case of a calculation in a house in Bologna with 5 windows where the box insulation is performed with the PosaClima Renova system using a 20 mm panel; the other variables can be found directly on the table.