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Starting to Recycle – What Type Of Skip Bin Is Suitable For You?

Australia generates approximately 50 million tons of waste every year. This amounts to a whole lot of rubbish. Disposal of larger amounts of waste is as simple as ordering a skip bin. The thing you need to consider is to figure out which bin is appropriate for the job. All of us know that waste comes in lots of varieties of shapes and weight. All of your waste product is not taken to the same destination. Different kind of waste needs to be disposed off in different ways.

There are several kinds of skip bins for the different waste products. Separate the waste you have. This will help you decide the right kind of bin you require. Here are the types of waste you need to take into consideration when choosing the appropriate bin.

       1. General Waste

A general waste bin will be suited for any lightweight products. They can be both domestic and commercial waste products. Some lighter green waste can also be placed in this kind of bin. Keep in mind it has a weight limit of 150 kgs per cubic meter. Therefore, things likely to exceed waste limit should be excluded. If you exceed the limit you will be notified and charged for it. These can be waste products like heavy tree trunks, any kind of soil, or building/renovation waste. Some examples of waste that you can place in this bin are:

  • Household waste (toys, paper, kitchenware etc)
  • Light construction waste (cardboard etc)
  • Light commercial waste (stationary, lightweight furniture, etc)
  • Light green waste (shrubs, twigs etc)

    2. Mixed Heavy Waste

    You will need an all-purpose bin for your mixed waste. In this bin, you can put just about everything. Items excluded are soil, food waste and hazardous material. If you are cleaning out waste that is domestic, construction or commercial, consider this bin. It will also apply in the case of combination household and builder rubbish. This kind of a bin has no weight limit. It is charged at a flat rate. Materials like concrete are suited to this Skip Bin.

         What not to place in these bins include:

  • Hazardous material (asbestos, wet paint tins, insulation, etc)
  • Tree trunks that are larger than 300mm in diameter and over 300mm long
  • Synthetic grass

       3. Green Waste

Did you recently give your garden a makeover and don’t know how to dispose the green waste? Consider a green garden waste skip bin. Green waste is                     anything that is biodegradable. Things off limits for this kind of bin include brown waste matter and soil/clay. This bin also has a weight limit of 150kgs per             cubic meter. Domestic and commercial garden clean up can both make use of this Skip Bin.

       Things that this bin can include are:

  • Light green waste (shrubs, leaves etc)
  • Small branches
  • Tree trunks smaller than 150mm in diameter and/or less than 1mm long

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