Insulating the dumpster with a simple, versatile and effective system like the system used by Tecnologie Protettivi allows a considerable gain in terms of energy savings such as to be able to consider it one of the most convenient systems for making money out of money.

Energy certifications for dumpster insulation
To assess the thermal insulation capacity of the PosaClima Renova cassette insulation system (method improved by Protective Technologies) simulations were commissioned to the SGM laboratory in Verona, specialized in this sector, using the instructions given by the UNI EN 10077/2 standard: 2012: this standard in fact provides for a system for the precise and punctual verification of dispersions through the box.

In particular, it was requested to investigate 3 fundamental thermal aspects:

• the heat flow – that is the quantity of heat passing through the element and which is defined with the thermal transmittance coefficient This data tells us how much heat we disperse.
• the surface temperature of the container in the part facing inwards: it gives us a precise idea of ​​the environmental comfort that will be greater the more the surface temperature approaches 20 ° C.
• the trend of the 12.5 ° C isotherm. which informs us about the possibility of condensation developing.