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Braeside Skip Bin Hire

South East Bin Hire offers Skip bins for hire in most parts of Southeast Melbourne. With fast growth and success in many areas of Melbourne, South East Bin Hire is now servicing all parts of Braeside. We do not only aim to provide skip bins in Braeside, but our main motive is to keep the city neat and clean wherever our services are being offered.

Skip Bins for Hire

Many people in Braeside might be wondering what a skip bin is and how is it any different from a regular wheelie bin.

Well, a skip bin is basically a bin that is relatively much larger in size as compared to regular wheelie bins. They are fit for dumping plastics, timber, furniture, clothing, white products, and even demolished materials at construction sites. Almost anything that can be considered disposable can be dumped into a skip bin.

They are really handy when it comes to dumping massive amount of waste products, which are not right or cannot fit into a wheelie bin. Skip bins at South East Bin Hire come in various sizes. The one you should opt for depends on the amount and the type of physical waste that you are looking to dump.

People in Braeside can hire bins from starting from 2 meters and going up to 4 meters in size. Different sizes from 2 to 4 meters with 0.5-meter increments are available for hire in Braeside. A 2-meter skip bin is almost as big as 8-14 regular wheelie bins!

The skip bins we provide to our customers are of the highest quality and strongest build.

What can you dump in there?

As South East Bin Hires we have mentioned lists of the waste products you can dump in our Skip Bins and the ones you can’t. Here is the list of items you can dump in our provided Skip Bins.

  •       Boxes
  •       Timber
  •       Furniture
  •       Curtains
  •       Carpets
  •       White goods (ACs, Stoves, Ovens, etc.)
  •       Grass, Weeds, Unwanted trees and other green waste
  •       Blinds
  •       Cutlery

Some products that can’t be dumped in a Skip Bin are:

  •       Liquid waste
  •       Food waste
  •       Poisons
  •       Asbestos
  •       Cylinders (Gas, LPG)

Or any kind of hazardous products are not to be dumped in skip bins.

Why Choose us in Braeside as your Skip Bin provider?

Our clients in Braeside deserve to know why they should choose South East Bin Hire.

1.     Licensed and insured company with many years of experience in the industry.

2.     We have a skillful and highly trained staff, with years of experience in their field.

3.     We provide skip bins of various sizes to cater to all kind of customers

4.     South East Bin Hire provides our services to Residences, Commercial centers, Offices, Schools, Construction sites, Factories, Bars, Clubs, and various other types of establishments, all over Braeside.

5.     We can provide our services the same day that you call.

6.     Bringing you affordable skip bin services is our goal.

If you are in Braeside, and you need to dump some massive amounts of waste and you are also a responsible citizen, you should immediately give us a call at 0400 958 163 or book with us online. South East Bin Hire will render their skip bin hiring services at your doorstep!

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