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Bellevue Skip Bins For Hire

Bellevue residents, are you worried about how to dump your heavy, bulky waste products that don’t fit in your wheelie bin? Hire Skip Bins from South East Bin Hire and your problem will be solved!
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What are Skip Bins for?

Skip Bins are the perfect Bins to dispose all kinds of wastes products, except the hazardous ones that can cause danger to both the humans and the environment.
Skip Bins are used to dump large, heavy waste products and litters that are too bulky to fit in a wheelie bin and a recycle bin. For instance, a 2 metre Skip Bin is equivalent to 8 wheelie bins. Now you can dump the same amount of rubbish in one 2 metre Skip Bin that you could have dumped in 8 wheelie bins.
These kinds of Bins are usually large and sturdy, capable of holding heavy and bulky waste materials. Due to the heavy weight of the Bin itself, trucks are used to pick up and drop down Bins at the requested places.
Skip Bins at South East Bin Hire comes in various sizes. To hold the load of domestic use, we have 2 to 2.5 metres Bins. To dispose wastes produced from construction and demolition sites, Bins sized 3 to 3.5 metres are used. And for heavy and bulky waste products from commercial and industrial buildings, 4 metres Bins are commonly Hired.

What to Dispose in Skip Bins?

Skip Bins from South East Skip Bin Hire are popularly used throughout Southeast suburbs in Melbourne and now we have extended our services in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne as well. Most of our customers Hire our Skip Bins to dispose:
• Garden and Landscape wastes such as weeds, broken branches and grass
• Broken furniture
• Timber materials
• Clothes
• Various utensils
• Pots and pans
• Unusable plates, glasses and other similar items
• White goods
• Cardboard boxes
• Carpets
• Blinds
• Backyard wastes

Can all kinds of waste products be disposed in our Skip Bins?

At South East Bin Hire, we do not permit all kinds of wastes products to be disposed in our Skip Bins. Products that pose threat to the environment and to us are prohibited. Such items are:
• Asbestos
• Soil
• Rocks
• Hazardous liquid substances
• Poisons
• Bricks
• Batteries
• Flax
• Bamboo
• Cement tiles
• Concrete items
• Sand
• And other similar items

Who Hires from Us?

We have customers coming from Bellevue for various reasons to Hire our Skip Bins. We provide our Bins to be used for:
Residential and Commercial rubbish
• Industrial Warehouses
• Construction and Demolition sites
• Schools
• Clubs
• Sports Bars and Centres
• Medical Centres
• Shopping malls
• Factories
• Government buildings
• Garden and Landscapes
• Parks
• Other Warehouses
Our company is reputed to provide the most affordable Skip Bins in Eastern and South East Melbourne.

Hire Our Skip Bins Today!

To Hire Skip Bins from us, you will have to follow some simple steps. When you have decided to revamp your house and need to throw away lots of unwanted, scrap materials; or you and your team will start working on a new construction site, give us a call prior to your work. Ask for the number of Skip Bins required along with the preferred sizes.
Our staff will drop off the Bins at your location on the given date. After our staff places the Bins, you can start dumping your wastes. Once your job is done, we will load the Bins away along with the dumped rubbish.

Benefits of Choosing Us

• You can now Hire Skip Bins in Bellevue
• Our Skip Bins come at different sizes, ask for your preferred one
• Affordable rates for all sized Bins
• Friendly and professional customer care from our well-trained staff
• Easy to dump waste products in our Skip Bins
• Strong and great quality Skip Bins at South East Bin Hire
• Same day hiring available

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